Visitors to the Yard


Good Morning Bambi


Just about every day we receive visitors to our yard in Bodega.  Sometimes those visitors are human – most times they are not.  And while they may not always be welcome they are the kind of visitors that just don’t care.  Eventually we look forward to their appearance.


Breakfast March


Take Bambi for example.  For many years she and her family would just come over to eat.  They are the schnorrers of the animal kingdom – nothing was safe.  They nibbled down the roses, gnawed on the hedges, pigged out on the plums, spitting out the pits as they merrily went along.  Then this summer they took up residence in a small redwood stand at the corner of our property.  Early in the morning we’d see them, ambling the way they do about the yard and going off for the day.  In the evening they’d return for a supper on our apple tree and to bed back in that redwood stand.


Off to Work


So they became familiar additions to our yard family.  I got personally involved.  These graceful creatures just make me smile and I am happy to share my yard’s bounty with them.  They managed to all get through hunting season just fine but sadly they all couldn’t get past the highway.  The mother turned up dead at the side of the road, her babies off to fend for themselves.  The babies have grown and have taken what I can only imagine to be an auntie under their wing.  Auntie is old, having seen many a hunting season go by.  She manages to still take her neighborhood walks, her young charges at her side completing the circle of life.


Blue Heron


There are always moments when I look out my office window and say “what the hell is that”.  We have a large field behind our house and we are always sure to see some critter or another there.  For the past two years that field has been on the path of a huge Blue Heron.  In the spring months mostly this magnificent bird lands there for lunch.  It walks about awkwardly until it finds itself a nice fat gopher then it takes off like a small airplane on to its next spot.


Stop and Feed on the Bottlebrush


The hedges in front of our house are the hunting grounds for a much smaller bird.  Hummingbirds come when the flora are in full bloom to take part in their nectar.  Its easy to get lost watching them dance, bouncing from flower to flower.


Catching a Buzzzzzzz


The hummingbirds share that hedge and those flowers with a fairly large variety of insects – bees and butterflies mostly.  The rockrose, the butterfly plant, even the bottlebrush teems with life all fluttering around that universe of sweet bloomage – that is until Bambi comes along and chows down those beautiful flowers – the sweetest fruit of all.

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