Just Gotta Poke Around…

In the late 70’s Robert Hunter penned a song for the Grateful Dead called Shakedown Street.  Amongst other things the tune pays tribute to change – change in the neighborhood that once was Ground Zero for the counter-culture movement.  It reminds us that even when  somewhere has changed almost unrecognizably, the essence, spirit and vibe of the place most often cannot be moved.

Recently I’ve read and discussed all the changes that have taken place in Jamaica, most notably Negril.  Lots of whining and complaining and “remember whens” and “I usedta’s” – I’m guilty of it as well.  And for a place that did not change much for 20 years at all, the changes in the past ten have indeed rendered it unrecognizable to some of us “old timers”.  Still – with all the development, crime and traffic the heart of Negril remains unchanged to me:  “I can hear it beat out loud”.

I give you my annual Jamaica movie featuring some cool images from this 2011-2012 season and leave you with the message:

“Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart…ya just gotta poke around”

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One Response to Just Gotta Poke Around…

  1. Sandi Kennedy says:

    Nikki, FANTASTIC

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