On The Road

After getting our “sea legs” on the island for a week, it was time to hop on the pickle and tour around.  Our first destination – Border Jerk in Shettlewood.

We headed east along the “Sav Road” up to Ferris Cross where we headed northward and into what I like to call “River Country”.  Even from the back of the bike and going fifty miles per hour my nose was filled with the delightful smells of the sweet water that surrounded us.  Going up into the hills, passing through little towns, through expansive cane fields and lush jungle the views of the valleys below us were tremendous.

We stopped for a drink at a little cook shop in Haddo.  There we found a few young folks enthusiastically playing a home-made board game while others looked on.  There were pots of food on the stove, the smells of which filled the lanes surrounding the shop.

We continued our ride heading north on the B8 through more little towns, more jungle, more cane fields.  Soon after we crossed the border of Westmoreland into St. James parish we pulled up to Border Jerk.

Border Jerk is not on the tourist track but was busy with local business when we arrived.  I soon found out why – it replaced Murrays as my favorite jerk on the island (thus far).  The jerk is prepared in the classic style:  The meat is well seasoned without being over run with scotch bonnet heat, it is slow cooked over a bed of Log wood and Pimento wood with a piece of zinc hovering over and adjusted as the chef deems fit.

We order up a bunch of chicken and a little pork and it is served to us on aluminum foil with a thick slice of white bread.  On the counter were the fixin’s featuring their granny sauce.  If you want heat that’s where you will find it.  The evidence in the form of teary eyes and runny noses sat next to me.

From Borders we headed back the same way we came.  We detoured in Sav La Mar to visit three old grave sites that are situated in the middle of the lot where you’d get your car inspected for fitness.

A few days later we jumped back on the bikes for another run, this time a more local “loop”.

We left the yard and headed south on West End Road, continuing on through familiar towns such as Orange Hill and Brighton.  In Brighton we made a brief stop at Blue Hole, then proceeded north along the back roads.

These back roads surround the Great Morass and again the smell of the wetlands was present and powerful.  Cane fields as far as we can see, dotted throughout with the equipment used in cane farming.

We passed through Delveland and on through Delve Bridge.  Just past Delve Bridge we stopped at a small shop smack in the middle of uncut cane for a drink and a smoke.

Onward and forward our next destination was to be Discovery Falls.  As we pulled up though we discovered it to be closed.  We continued heading north, through the wetlands and the cane, up into Hanover then turned west and on to the “highway” just outside of Orange Bay.

The next and last stop was for a drink and a chat at Wild Parrot in the middle of Long Bay.

With two adventures under our belts we were ready for more to soon come.

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  1. doctoro says:

    As always, enjoyable tagging along.

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