Going to the Airport – A Photo Essay

Last year I went to the airport five times.  Twice was our own pick-up and delivery; once was the pick-up of friends and twice was for my own “triptus-interuptus”.

Since the road was finished some dozen years ago these trips are a lot faster than they used to be.  You could easily go to MoBay for the day now and vice-versa; each day buses come from MoBay resorts to Negril to visit the famous “Seven Mile Beach” (in the form of Margaritaville) and the famous Ricks Cafe.  I sometimes do miss the old road though, its meanderings through all those little coastal villages and even the bumpity-bump of the navigation through the sea of potholes and eventually craters in our path.  Still the trip to the airport is scenic and interesting no matter how many times I do it.

Lucea is my “almost there” point.  I know as we pass through her bustling streets that in about a half-hour we’ll be at our gate.

Continuing South and before reaching Green Island we pass by little slices of life in Jamaica.

Soon enough we hit Negril – soon enough on that first trip in since the previous February we get to see the changes that have taken place.  The most stark one of course is what has happened to Little Bloody Bay…and the “oh, look the Yacht Club has finally been “SoID” “

On December 30, 2012 we jumped back into the Silly Bus to go meet Karl & Lyta at the airport.  This was going to be their first trip to Negril.

Same road, in reverse, headed north this time.

We want Karl & Lyta’s first taste of Jamaica to be the authentic jerk chicken and pork from Borders Jerk in Shettlewood.  To carry this out  we go “the other way” to Negril heading south on the B8, connecting to the A2 through Savannah La Mar and coming into Negril from the east.  Back when the “old road” was a complete mess and barely driveable we’d chose to take this inland route to and from the airport sometimes.

Whether coming home or going home, picking up friends or dropping friends off, the ride to and from the airport is always a panorama of eye candy.

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