I find that by April I’ve had time to breathe and digest and then attempt to regurgitate my Jamaican experience from the past winter.  So here I am again, with a recap.  We did a good deal of traveling around the island this trip, completing a road trip that we started the year before, clicking off more of our Jamaican bucket list.  The trip started with a wonderful Thanksgiving complete with a turkey smuggled in from Florida thanks to my sister-in-law.  We did the “usual” and did it several times; visits to Half Moon Beach, swilling Caesars with my girl Peg at Canoe, multiple visits to Zimbali enjoying the tour, the puppies, a party and a drumming circle.  Did plenty of home cooking but enjoyed meals out at AhBees, Ivans, Sips and Bites and of course Jus Natural – it is so nice not to have to take a taxi there anymore!

The island was at her prettiest this year.  There were no storms so it was lush and green and blooming like crazy.  The yard was spectacularly gorgeous and actually took my breath away when we first arrived.  The pool was crystal clear thanks to my new neighbor Uncle Doug – who not only kept us in clean pool water but also in wonderful muffins and home-made ice cream.  I spent a good deal of time in the yard as I always do and broke my book reading record this year – I read seven.

We had visitors as we do each year – this year they overlapped each other over a three-week period starting just after New Years.

We mourned our losses.  We celebrated our triumphs.  We returned refreshed to a hectic work schedule that started two days after our return in snowy New York.

So here it is, What I Did On My Winter Vacation….in twenty minutes.  Turn up the volume, pop a Stripe and light a spliff.  Enjoy.

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