Other Places Just For Fun..

Not Jamaica.  Not for work.  Just for fun…



Ready - Aim - Fire!

Les Trois Graces

Towering Steel

Through the Beast

Ballerina in the Window

Cafe, Any Cafe


Dissent on the Wall

Teenage Rebellion

Mother's Playground


This Way, Then Make a Right

Not Again! Fucking Birds!!



Venus Was Her Name


Sacre Coeur, Trois

Sacre Coeur, Une

Sacre Coeur, Deux

Arc du EU

To The Memory of Alice Maude Kennedy



Pere la Chaise

On the Wings of Angels

Forever Missed

Purple Passion

Ol' Jim Dead and Gone

Champs d'Elysees

Lost on the Champs

The River of Love

Baton Mouche








The Catskills – Monticello, New York and the surrounding area…

My husband grew up in this area – famous for the “Borscht Belt” and of course – Woodstock.  We made a brief visit to his place of origin in 2006.


The Bethel Performing Arts Center




Place Marker

On the site of the Stage


Broadway - Present Day




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